Meet the Team

Jean Moss

Owner of Olde Ipswich Tours

Jean Moss is the visionary behind Olde Ipswich Tours. Her love for travel, knowledge of history and culture, and quest for the finest wine and food is the inspiration behind all of Olde Ipswich Tours. 24 years at the helm, Jean has planned and led hundreds of small group culinary European tours.

Jean has an undergraduate degree in French from Colby College, and a master’s degree in French from Middlebury College, earned at the University of Paris. She is fluent in French & Spanish and has lived in Paris, Normandy and Cuernavaca, Mexico. She earned a certificate from the International Tour Management Institute in San Francisco and began leading tours in 1995.

Robin Teague

Robin is the glue that holds the team together. Call any morning of the week and chances are you will find the friendly voice on the other end is hers. In addition to being our rock star administrator, Robin is an amazing teacher and an animal-lover.

Robin received a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Anthropology from Harvard University and studied biogeography at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. A native of Ipswich, her travels have taken her to places such as China, Kenya and the Republic of Georgia while doing anthropological research of fossil animals.

Janet Spicer

Janet Spicer of Olde Ipswich Tours

Janet brings a lifelong passion for travel and a background in publishing and design to her job at Olde Ipswich Tours. Her kids got their first passports before they were a year old, and she’s enjoyed seeing the world with them for the past 18 years. A Francophile and an animal lover, with two cats and a red-eared slider, Janet’s other interests include food and wine, writing, and sailing.

Eric Madore

Eric is an avid traveler who has visited over 30 countries! He comes to Olde Ipswich Tours with an expertise in finance, as a former Finance Manager, Controller and CFO. Eric is a true foodie – one of the reasons he loves to travel is to be able to try different types of cuisine! He’s a craft beer fan and wine connoisseur, and loves to cook. He also speaks fluent French, and you may catch him on some of our France tours!

Desi Moss

Desi the Dog


Desi the Dog is the official mascot of Olde Ipswich Tours.