The Small Group Tour Experience


raveling to Europe can be both daunting and exciting. The change in culture, language, money, food and even the small, winding roads – these can all be part of the thrill … or maybe this is what’s stopping you from embarking on a trip of your lifetime. There are many ways you can travel to Europe – not everyone enjoys the same type of vacation.

So, before you look at tours and destinations, consider the type of journey you want and make sure we are able to provide the type of experience that suits you. With the internet and the proliferation of travel sites, it is possible for anyone to research, price and book an individual trip for themselves. Also, the TV ads present ever-larger cruise ships, coach trips and large-group tours available for every destination in the world.

So where do we fit in? We do not offer individual travel nor do we have coaches or cruise ships – our tours – we call them small group tours – have a maximum of 16 travelers – an ideal travel and social group. A small-group tour fits nicely between individual and large group travel. In small groups, you can eat all those amazing foods that Europe is know for but in intimate local restaurants, stay in classic boutique hotels, visit sites and participate in activities that are just not possible in a large group. A small group can meld into the small towns and cafes in Europe without changing the character of the place.

Small groups offer greater individual freedom. Yes, you are with a group, but you travel like an individual traveler, not herded around by the tour manager anxious for everyone to follow. But unlike an individual traveler you have a group of like-minded people with whom to enjoy lunches, dinners and day-time travel because people that choose a small-group also enjoy the social aspect of travel.

You will be cared for every minute of your journey by one of our carefully chosen leaders who not only offer the knowledge and experience of the destination but also appreciate sharing meals and local stories with the group. The tour leader handles the logistics, payment, tickets, tips and even making recommendations from the menu for lunch and dinner.

Sit back and enjoy the view because of course, we do all the driving, but in luxury vans, not big coaches. And as part of a small group the leader is always with you in the van to point out sites and even ask the driver to pull over or you to take a picture.

Put you trust in us; a vacation to Europe does n’t have to be daunting; we have taken small groups to Europe for 24 years and have never strayed from our initial mantra: to provide a social, engaging travel experience for small groups of discerning people.

If you think a small-group European experience is what you are looking for, look through our tour list; every destination we offer is amazing and you really can have that European experience without the stress. 


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