About Us & Our Philosophy


Local Culture. Small Groups. Superlative Cuisine.

Cultural tours for small groups, indulging in exceptional food and wine, staying at elegant accommodations with regional character, all at an exceptional value.

Small Groups
We travel with small groups of six to sixteen. This gives us many ways to give you an exceptional vacation. We can squeeze through tiny narrow streets in medieval villages.  We can overnight in amazing, tiny towns that have no large hotels.  We can take you to small, intimate restaurants and even into friends’ homes for unforgettable experiences.  We can organize hands-on cooking classes, charter small boats, go on truffle hunts, and enjoy local guides who can answer each and every question anyone may have.

We can be flexible—want to squeeze a special request into our itinerary? Chances are we can pull it off.  Want to learn to make limoncello in our friend’s kitchen?   Have dinner with the owner of a winery in his vineyard?  Ride with a French philosopher in his hot-air balloon?  We plan the trip of a lifetime, so that you can make it your own.  You get person-to-person service every step of the way—before, during, and after the tour.

Local Culture
Our tours are aimed at experiencing and enjoying regional culture. As such, we do not pick destinations off a map at random. Rather, we hand-select the most fascinating, fun, and culturally rich destinations and activities that a given region has to offer. You experience the region’s history, art, architecture, food and drink. What’s more, the experience is not of outsiders looking in, but as the guests and friends of our local hosts and expert guides. These, truly, are memories you will treasure for years to come.

Gourmet Travel
One of our favorite ways to experience regional culture is at the dinner table! We dine at the finest restaurants, tour some of the best wineries in the world, and provide fascinating (yet informal) cooking classes at the hands of expert local chefs. And, after a long day of fun and feasting, we return to quaint inns and châteaux ideally situated to explore the region. We also offer just the right amount of free time in each region, affording you ample opportunity to relax, explore and really get to know your surroundings.

Exceptional Value
And, while we are pretty proud of our philosophy, what you may appreciate most of all is the exceptional value. All of our tours include:

  • Deluxe accommodations
  • All breakfasts, some lunches, a number of gourmet dinners
  • Full-time escort
  • Small groups of six to sixteen
  • All tour guides, museum and entrance fees
  • All tips and taxes
  • Round trip airfare from Boston or New York (except where specified)