The Olde Ipswich Tour List of Blogs

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The Travelling Boomer

Paul Marshman is a journalist turned travel blogger and the man behind The Travelling Boomer blog. Paul shares his advice for travelling as a boomer and offers nuggets of wisdom on how to travel smart and savvy, cruise reviews, info on great destinations, along with other travel tips, notes and reviews. He’s proof that life begins after retirement.

Retired and Travelling

Married Canadian boomers Linda and David are semi-retired bloggers and photographers who love travelling. Their blog, Retired and Travelling, offers a wide range of posts from luxury cruising to helpful tips for travelers.

House Sitting Travel

This one is a bit different – The House Sitting Travel blog follows the adventures of Conrad and Josie, a couple of married baby boomers from Michigan that travel around the world staying in other peoples’ homes. “The practice is an exchange – travelers get a free place to stay and homeowners gain peace of mind knowing their home and pets are looked after.”

Travel Past 50

Tom Bartel and Kristin Henning are the ones behind this retirement travel blog, Travel Past 50. The blog specializes in history, museums, culture, travel photography, UNESCO World Heritage sites, along with national parks, cultural destinations and food and drink. The blog has a section dedicated entirely to tips and gear, where they go over best practices for packing and taking photos.

My Itchy Travel Feet

My Itchy Travel Feet, The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel, is a retirement travel blog run by Donna and Alan Hull, a couple from Montana. They cover both international and domestic destinations. The blog chronicles boomer road trips, cruise excursions, romantic getaways, bucket list trips, off-the-beaten-path travel as well as other travel themes. You can get lost for hours reading about their amazing adventures that will inspire you to get up and go.

Adventures of Empty Nesters

Adventures of Empty Nesters is a blog about Suzanne and Craig’s adventures after their kids were all grown up. The blog has incredible advice in relation to luxury travel and fine food.

Clark Norton

Clark Norton is described as “the Expert in Baby Boomer Travel”. This statement is no under-estimation. Clark’s blog provides commentary on life, travel and the world which is well worth your time.

Living La Vida

Dean and Pauline approach travel blogging with a unique focus. Rather than focusing on luxury or frugal travelling, they try to get a balance between the two. It is because of this, we think this blog has something for everyone.

More time to travel

Irene Levine PhD is an award-winning journalist who has turned her attention to travel. In this blog Irene provides fantastic advice and practical tips for all travelers.

Travel Bags with Annita


blog and radio program which provides travelers with one of the widest variety of travel tips on the web.